Job Announcement – Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers, Executive Director

Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers
Job Announcement and Job Description

Executive Director

The Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers (ANFRC) is seeking an executive director with strong leadership qualities, and the knowledge and interest to move ANFRC forward with integrity and enthusiasm. The ideal candidate will have a passion for improving the lives of Alabamians most in need and value the role of community-based service organizations.

The Organization

The Mission of the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers is to support the development, growth and continuation of Family Resource Centers by providing technical assistance, training, advocacy, resources and networking opportunities.

The Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers (ANFRC and the Network) is a nonprofit with 501(c) 3 status with members that follow the FRC model and meet ANFRC standards. It is governed by an eight-member board of directors. The Executive Directors of each Family Resource Center member of the Network serve on an Advisory Committee and work closely with the Executive Director and the Board.

ANFRC is a statewide member organization that coordinates the alliance between all member FRCs in the state, represents its members with state department partners, manages all aspects of the Network’s membership process, and provides training to strengthen the capacity of its members.  The Alabama Network and its members are committed to quality standards, on-going accountability, preventive and strength-based family services.

The Executive Director supervises a full time AmeriCorps Director and is supported by a half-time staff person.

Job Description

The Executive Director will report to the President and the Board of Directors and will have a wide range of responsibilities.

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