Voters Agree: Child Care Is Essential
(Troy Stolt/Chattanooga Times Free Press via AP)


For many Americans, the scale of the coronavirus pandemic brings to mind the September 11th terror attacks or the 2008 financial crisis – events that reshaped society and how we view the world. While partisanship remains alive and well in American politics, we have seen a remarkable coming together on some of the most important issues facing us today. One such issue is child care. In our combined nearly 40 years measuring public opinion, rarely have we seen such broad agreement among Democratic and Republican voters as we see on the importance of the child care industry to the American family and economy. This is significant and should not be ignored by government decision makers across the country.

In an April 11-15 survey of 1,200 voters across America, we found 87% favored providing enough federal financial support during the crisis to enable child care providers to make payroll and pay other expenses such as rent and utilities. Of the 87% who favored the idea, 59% said they strongly favored it. This sentiment crossed partisan lines with support from 82% of Republicans and 94% of Democrats.

The national survey, commissioned by Save the Children Action Network and Child Care Aware of America, is the first to fully explore voters’ views on the child care industry and the impact of the coronavirus.

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