Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

by Devante Holston

Regional Care Coordinator

Help Me Grow Alabama is seeking a Regional Care Coordinator to provide care coordination and assist families and providers in understanding and accessing the services available to them through Alabama’s early childhood system of care.

The Care Coordinator handles calls related to children’s health, development, behavior, and learning and supports families by providing information and education on these topics, researching and making referrals to these services, and providing continued support and follow-up as needed.

Qualified applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood, special education, child development, social work, or a related field. Please submit a cover letter and resume to Help Me Grow Alabama Director, Lindsey DeMarco, via email

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager supports all APC programs related to financial management, budgeting, facilities and equipment, and human resources.

The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising and overseeing contracts for the management of agency operations including accounting, reporting, facilities, and human resources and directs the activities of the Financial Managers.

Requirements include a degree and/or experience in accounting, human resources, finance, nonprofit management and related fields. Consideration will be given to job sharing part-time work. Please send resume to


Financial Assistant

The Financial Assistant performs agency financial functions including record keeping and clerical duties for all accounting and budgeting activities, as well as financial data compilation and reporting for multiple grants.

The Financial Assistant checks and approves invoices, purchase orders, accounts payable, and payroll documents (time sheets, travel and reimbursement requests). Degree and/or experience in bookkeeping, accounting, or financial management required. Consideration will be given to job sharing part-time work.

Please send resume to