Safe Sleep Project Survey

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Early Care and Education Providers:

We are inviting you to review a booklet about Safe Sleep for infants. We will ask you to tell us what you think about how the booklet looks and what it says. We need and value your opinion on these materials.

Safe Sleep materials are given out by your pediatrician, hospitals, nurses, child care and others when you have a new baby in your home. Safe Sleep tips are important for new parents, families, grandparents and caregivers to keep little babies safe.

Sharing your thoughts about this booklet will help us to communicate better with families in Alabama about Safe Sleep for babies.

The online review will take about an hour to do. Your answers will not be connected to your name.

You will need to have a smart phone or internet access to complete the survey.

To complete the survey, click here.

If you have questions, you can reach out to Tish MacInnis at APC by phone or email: or 334-271-0304